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  • Discussion

    Student talks to one of MSKOOLS Representatives and then discusses his or her profile and interests regarding universities, programs and priorities

  • Profile Evaluation

    Depending on the student’s profile, interests, priorities, the core team of MSKOOLS lists down all the best possible universities

  • University Selection

    With the suggested list of universities in hand, MSKOOLS encourages the student to do some basic research about those universities and we then discuss with them once again and we suggest more universities and discuss again until we come up with the final list of universities to apply

  • Apply Online

    Student gets all the online application forms filled and also the university and department specific forms filled, submitted and gets all the credentials documented

  • Mail Documents

    Gets the application mailed to the universities and reports test scores via ETS to admissions office

  • Finalize a University

    Based on the admits received, student gets all the complete inside information about all the universities

  • Prepare for Visa

    Student gets the DS forms filled online and gets a slot booked for the visa interview with the US Embassy and also gets the complete checklist and guidance for Visa interview

  • Mock Visa Interviews

    Student takes mock visa interviews from the core team of MSKOOLS so as to get a feel of his/ her skills and gets valuable feed back to improve the same

  • Orientation, Tips

    MSKOOL Swill give orientation about Life and Education in USA. Student gets some tips about obtaining On -campus jobs and assistantships

  • Airport Pick-up

    Student gets help regarding airport pick-up and also for his/ her temporary stay in US

  • Join Us Now

    MSKOOL Swill give orientation about Life and Education in USA. Student gets some tips about obtaining On -campus jobs and assistantships

Statement of Purpose is one of the most important part of your application that tells the representative looking at your application who you are, your career progression path so far, your professional interests and your future plans.

CONTENTS of a good SOP:

reasons for interest in the chosen field with short term and long term goals
background and explanation of the problems (if needed)
extracurricular activities and honors of an applicant that makes him/her special
publications and other professional accomplishments in the field

What Universities look for and How to potray yourself

Are you serious about your academic pursuits: able to finish the graduate degree in a timely fashion
Would they succeed at the school: able to take on challenges of the grad school
would applicant contribute & enrich the program: Potentially outstanding representative of that grad school in your future career
other different view points: passionately interested in the field, intelligent, well prepared academically and personally

A well-scribed SOP filters your application among thousand others.

Letters of recommendation are important to admissions officers because they provide contextual interpretation of your academic performance. Writers share critical insight into your work habits and learning style as well as your ability to respond to challenges and setbacks. They can help explain irregularities in your academic program and/or performance and shed light into key factors that define your learning environment.


Choose adults who know you well. Teachers can comment about your academic skills. But also consider other people who can write about your talents and abilities, like coaches, employers, community and leaders.

NOTE: However, it will ultimately be your responsibility to choose your referees and to cooperate on a matter of mutual concern with them about submitting their letters.

What goes into the letter of recommendation:

student's potential
student's goals
research potential
contributions to class discussions
interpersonal skills
leadership skills
extracurricular activities

Letters of recommendation work for you when they present you in the possible light, showcasing your skills and abilities.


In simple words, a resume acts as your brag sheet or a marketing tool where you can let the admissions committee know what you’ve been up to in school! . So you basically need a resume during college admissions process, to show a brief summary of your background, your scholastic achievements & accomplishments.

A resume enables you to list out your skill-sets and your qualifications. You can enumerate the various awards, extra-curricular activities, events etc. that you were a part of, in school.

A well-written and well-developed resume gives you a definite edge over other applicants especially when applying for colleges to study abroad becomes so competitive.


academic profile
extra-curricular activities
work experienced
reference section

Apply to U.S. Graduate Schools With an American-Style Resume

Documents required for applying to the University

10th STD Xerox copies with attestation/Gazetted officer
12th STD Xerox copies with attestation/Gazetted officer
B.Tech/B.E Transcripts and scanned copies
Bank & Financial affidavits
LORS -3 and Scanned copies
SOP & Resume
GRE & TOEFL / IELTS Score cards
Passport Front & Back Xerox copies
Work Experience letter
Additional Certificates
A Photo copy of all the documents listed above should be provided to us for our reference.

What is financial aid?

Financial Aid

Federal, state, institutional, and private fund(s) used to assist eligible students in funding their education. Financial aid can be a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, waivers, and student employment. Scholarships and grants are considered “free money” and the student is not required to repay; however, loans and student employment are considered self-help aid and most loans require repayment when a student becomes enrolled less than half time or graduates. Student employment includes both work-study positions and part-time employment positions, either on- or off- campus.

Aid Basics

  • Request and complete all financial aid forms in a timely fashion.
  • Know each school's deadlines and apply early! Don't wait until the deadline. Avoid mail delays, busy fax lines and busy websites. Ask questions if you don't understand.
  • Complete your tax return early. It is easier to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any other financial aid application if you can refer to a completed tax return. You can still wait until April 15 to mail your return to the IRS. If you must use estimated tax information, be as accurate as possible. Your financial aid eligibility is based on these numbers and is subject to change when the numbers change.
  • Read all instructions and follow them carefully. Check your work. Then, check your work
  • Respond immediately to school requests for additional information or documents, such as copies of federal tax returns.

For more & detailed explanation Click Here

A good profile clears as many odds and filters your application through a thousand other. Everybody loves to have a strong profile backing them up.

What makes your profile look great?

Apart from one's academics every other related project would add strength to your application. Be it an internship with a reputed company, publishment of papers, contribution to your field through projects, participation in presentations and seminars. Community service like working with an NGO or taking part in organizing blood donation camps.Every document that gives away information approving you of your taking part in extra-curricular activities plays a major role. Do not condone a certificate of your participation in games, just because it was issued by a local authority. Working simultaneously while you study is a responsible act. Such acts are widely recognized in the realm of American Education System. Hence, every small experience of your work is worth a dime.


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