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Time Management
Before the exam:

Exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT/IELTS/TOELF require preparation of months in advance. 90 days would be ideal for any of the above.

Manage & organize your time:

It is not easy to manage time when it comes to deal with academics and exams like these. So, one has to maintain a consistent and an organized schedule.

“ A step forward everyday will help you move 30 in a month”

Time Management

Allocate 2 hours everyday instead of 10 hours on weekends. Share your time among all sections of the test. Do not overlook a section because you think its easy.

Take it easy initially:

Try to get the basics right before you test yourself on very difficult questions.

Pay more attention:

Vocabulary is many a participant's nightmare. So, indulge in learning words using many strategies available.

On the day of the exam:

Do carry a valid identification: Passport is mandatory
Do arrive at the examination center 30 minutes in advance
Do take the list of universities with you
Do travel light: do not carry much stuff with you
Do dress in two layers, the temperatures might be cold: a full sleeved would help
Do get fresh scratch papers during breaks
Do apply for the universities after the exam

Do not panic.
Do not submit your exam in a hurry: as you cannot go back and edit it.
Don’t miss out anything even of you think it is just a small point.
Don't take any study material with you.
Do not be over confident and unrealistic.